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Clubs – Summer 2019

Please click here for a list of clubs for Summer term 2019 and here to download a clubs permission slip.

Clubs Run by Other Agencies

Clubs Run by St Lawrence Staff
Club Day Time Place Teacher Year
Chatting/Problem Solving Monday 12.45-1.05 Silver Birch Classroom Mrs Garnett Y6
Athletics Monday 3.15-4.00 Field Mrs Sullivan/Mr McEntee Y1-2
Athletics Monday 3.15-4.15 Field Miss Nisbet/Miss Kay/Miss Simmonds/Miss Materna Y3-4
Chess Beginners Monday 3.20-3.45 Chestnut Classroom Mr Hearn FS
Lego Monday 3.15-4.15 Poppy Room Mrs Harlington Y4-6
Super Scientists Monday 3.15-4.00 Ash/Alder Classrooms Miss Murray/Mrs Boyd Y3-6
Athletics Tuesday 3.15-4.15 Field Mrs Hampson/Mrs Mumford/Miss Ruck/Mrs Evans Y5-6
Fashion Design (max 30) Tuesday 3.15-4.00 Maple Classroom Miss Mitchell Y3-4
Sewing (max 20) Tuesday 3.15-4.15 Poppy Room Mrs Leadbetter/Mrs Tilbury/ Ms Nee Y4-6
Super Singers Tuesday 3.15-3.50 Pear Classroom Mrs Soanes/Mrs Farley FS
Swimming (max 20) Tuesday 3.20-4.00 Pool Miss McDonald Y2
Netball (by invitation) Wednesday 8.00-8.45 Courts Mrs Hampson Y6
Dance Wednesday 12.45-1.05 Large Hall Mrs Ralph Y3-6
Recorders Wednesday 12.45-1.05 Ash Classroom Mrs Newman Y3-6
Musical Theatre Thursday 3.15-4.10 Large Hall Miss Dickason/Miss Tremble/ Mrs Evans Y3-6
Star Singers Thursday 3.15-3.50 Hornbeam Classroom Mrs Mayne Y1-2
Swimming Improvers
(by invitation)
Thursday 3.15-4.15 Pool Miss Nisbet Y4-6
‘Golden Baton’ Friday 12.45-1.05 Field Mr Dyer Y3-6
French Friday 12.25-12.50 Large Hall Ms Bartolo FS-Y2
Chess Improvers Friday 3.20-4.00 Chestnut Classroom Mr Hearn FS-Y6
Clubs Run by Other Agencies (may incur a small charge)
Club Day Time Place Teacher Year
Tennis Tuesday 3.20-4.10
Large Hall N Turner/C Wright Y1-2
Create Space Studios – Dance Club Wednesday 3.15-3.55
Large Hall Z Thompson FS
Golf Thursday 8.00-8.45 Large Hall Brighton Junior Golf Y1-6
Create Space Studios – Dance Club Thursday 4.15-5.00
Large Hall Z Thompson Y1-2
Boys only
Guitar By arrangement (Thursday/Friday lunchtimes and after school) W Hornett Y3-6
Piano By arrangement (Tuesday/Friday afternoons) H Hush Y3-6
Piano By arrangement C Harms Y3-6
Violin By arrangement L Milward Y3-6