St. Lawrence Primary School
National Teaching School
St. Lawrence Primary
Respect, Independence, Caring, Teamwork, Reach for the stars


Head Teacher Paul Dyer
Deputy Head Teacher Emma Dickason
Assistant Head Teacher/Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader Claire Hampson
Assistant Head Teacher/Key Stage 1 Phase Leader David Hearn
Assistant Head Teacher/Foundation Stage Phase Leader Paula Hutton
Assistant Head Teacher/Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader Abi Ralph
SENCO Alison Burholt
Year Group Class Teachers 2018-19 Leadership Responsibility
Foundation Stage Apple Ed Smith Eco/Green
Pear Anna Soanes/Angela Bartolo Foudation Stage Leader/Geography/MFL
Plum Ann Farley PSHCE
Year 1 Cherry Katie Lankshear
Holly Hannah Wilson/Claire Grant PSHCE/History
Lime Chris McEntee Year 1 Leader/Mathematics
Year 2 Chestnut David Hearn Assistant Head Teacher/Computing/DT
Sycamore Emily McDonald Mathematics
Willow Jess Sullivan English
Year 3 Cedar Amy Simmonds
Hawthorn Sarah Nisbet Year 3 Leader/PE
Maple Olivia Mitchell The Arts/Art
Year 4 Alder Penny Harlington Year 4 Leader/History/RE
Juniper Luci Warwick/Paula Hutton Music/Assistant Head Teacher
Silver Birch Liza Saich
Year 5 Beech Katy Ruck
Hornbeam Jane Kay/Linda Mayne Art/Music
Pine Laura Mumford Year 5 Leader/English
Year 6 Ash Louise Murray Science
Elm Emma Tremble Computing
Oak Claire Hampson Assistant Head Teacher/PE
Paul Dyer is responsible for ensuring standards are high in all areas. Emma Dickason leads learning and teaching, pastoral care and is also the joint Subject Leader for English.They are supported by a dedicated and hard-working staff who share responsibilities throughout the school to ensure appropriate curriculum provision and pastoral care.
Parents’ initial contact is the Class Teacher.  Following that, the Phase Leaders, the Assistant Heads and Miss Dickason or Mr Dyer will always be happy to help.  Administrative queries should be directed to Stephanie Francis, the School Secretary.
PPA/ Leadership/NQT Release
Celia Bartram Laura Bezuidenhout
Jennifer Boyd Sarah Garnett
Laura Holman Clare Holmes
Tamsyn McGowan Tracy Newman
Teaching Assistants
Mrs Jackie Ambler

Mrs Rachel Ballantyne

Mrs Nadia Bushnell

Mrs Becki Cornford

Mrs Tracy Evans

Ms Michelle Fossey

Mr Chris Gear

Mrs Liz Gillespie

Mrs Alison Green

Mrs Janette Hall

Mrs Kate Halls

Mrs Clare Holmes

Mrs Nathalie Leadbetter

Mrs Dee Madgwick

Ms Katie Marks

Miss Annie Materna

Mrs Tamsyn McGowan

Mrs Jenny Messer

Mrs Jane Moulder

Ms Lauren Nee

Mrs Emma Richardson

Mrs Janet Sanders

Mrs Nicola Sawyer

Mrs Angela Scully

Miss Ella Syrett

Mrs Lucy Tantis

Mrs Jacqui Tilbury

Mrs Kristy Trainer

Mrs Jan Tweedie

Mrs Natalie Wild

Mrs Jessica Whitbourn

Mrs Jessica Wong

Mrs Geb Wraight

IT Technician Mr Tim Jackson
Family School Link Worker Mrs Clare Bell
Admin Team
Mrs Georgina Syrett Receptionist/First-Aider
Mrs Sarah Lessacher Receptionist/First Aider
Mrs Liz Pearson Assistant Bursar
Mrs Lynda Townsend Bursar
Mrs Stephanie Francis School Secretary
Mrs Wendy Libby Administrative Officer
Mr Tim Hodges Premises Manager
Mr Jack Williamson Assistant Premises Officer