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School Uniform

Wearing school uniform is compulsory at St Lawrence C.E. Primary School. Our Uniform Policy can be found in the policies section of our website.

Our school uniform:

• White shirt, blouse or polo shirt
• Blue school sweatshirt or cardigan (plain or with school logo)
• Grey skirt/pinafore dress. Style must allow for maximum movement (styles which are ‘mini’ or ‘ankle length’ are not permitted).
• Grey tailored trousers or shorts (Jeans/corded jeans/leggings are not permitted).
• Blue/white checked or striped dress/playsuit for summer wear. Style must allow for maximum movement.
• Sensible shoes: black, navy or brown. Trainers are not permitted.
• Plain grey, black or white socks or tights.
• ‘Extreme’ haircuts are not permitted (‘extreme’ being any haircut that is considered to be a distraction to others).
• Jewellery is not permitted in school. If your child has an ear piercing then it is expected this will be a plain ‘stud’ only, which should be covered by surgical tape prior to PE or equivalent activity.
• Make-up of any description is not permitted in school.

P.E. uniform:

• St Lawrence P.E. t-shirt (available from Broadbridges and Monkhouse) or plain white t-shirt.
• Blue shorts/skort.
• NB: Plimsolls/Trainers for PE use only.
• During periods of cold weather it is essential that warm clothing is worn in addition to shorts and T shirt, i.e. a plain navy / dark coloured tracksuit. All items of PE clothing should be clearly named and brought to school on the correct days.
• Swimming costume, towel, swimming hat and goggles for swimming lessons

School branded kit will available to loan out for sporting competitions where this is necessary.

St Lawrence uniform can be purchased at Broadbridges Uniforms (www.broadbridges.co.uk) or Monkhouse (www.monkhouse.com) and non-branded alternatives can be found at major UK supermarkets.